Parasite Preventatives & Dog Vaccinations

Cat and Dog Vaccinations and Parasite Prevention for Your Pets

Spring is here! Now is the time to start parasite preventatives and dog vaccinations in preparation for the warmer months ahead. Year-round use of heartworm, as well as, flea and tick prevention is recommended for pets that travel outside of central Oregon during the winter. For those who use seasonal preventatives, we have already seen cases of fleas, lice, and intestinal parasites this spring- apparently, this winter was not as tough on bugs as it was on us! Talk with our staff to discuss the safest and most effective options to protect your pet.

Last summer Central Oregon had an outbreak of Kennel Cough. This affected large numbers of dogs living in and visiting the area. Kennel Cough is a syndrome that causes a dry hacking cough in dogs. It is generally transmitted by close contact between dogs but don’t let the name fool you! Your dog can be exposed at the dog park, the groomers, daycare and even on play dates. The vaccine we administer is an intra-nasal vaccine that will help protect against two of the organisms that have been known to cause this syndrome. Rarely, Kennel Cough can progress to pneumonia so we recommend that all of our patients be vaccinated. Please call if you have any questions about the safety or efficacy of this vaccine. For a full list of recommended vaccinations for Central Oregon pets follow this link, Central Oregon Pet Vaccinations.

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