Riverside Animal Hospital’s Landscape Photography

Mike Putnam’s Landscape Photography at Riverside Animal Hospital

Here at Riverside, we periodically field questions about our recent remodel of the inside of our animal hospital.  One of the most commonly asked about subjects is the landscape photographs that reside in the clinic.  Our landscape photographs were all captured and created by  Oregon Landscape Photographer, Mike Putnam.  Mike is a retired equine veterinarian and a full-time professional landscape photographer who, not coincidentally, is married to our very own, Dr. Debbie Putnam. We have several of Mike’s framed Landscape photographs displayed, including this big beautiful print, Mt. Jefferson Wilderness Area which can be behind the front desk in our reception area.  

Riverside Animal Hospital, Front Desk

Riverside Animal Hospital, Front Desk

Mike captures all of his fine art Landscape photography with a large format 4×5 film camera.  His camera is part of what allows him to make huge landscape photographs with exceptional detail( the framed Mt. Jefferson print behind our reception desk is over 5 feet tall!).  We also have photos of Mt. Rainier, the Metolius River and  “Summit Sunrise”, an image that Mike captured from the summit of South Sister in the Three Sisters Wilderness Area at our hospital.  To view more of Mike’s beautiful fine art landscape Photographs, visit his website, Mike Putnam Photography.

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