Telemedicine Service Now At Riverside!

The impact of COVID-19 is a challenge we are all facing together.  It is pushing all of us to rapidly develop new ways to accomplish daily activities with the goal of slowing the spread of this disease.  While this is a time of uncertainty, we do know our pets will continue to have their own health care needs.  Riverside is committed to provide the best possible care for your pet under the current situation. In response to the COVID 19 outbreak, we are temporarily offering telemedicine services to our clients and their pets. We ask for your patience and flexibility as we navigate these challenging times. We are determined to do our part in keeping your family and our team safe during the COVID 19 outbreak.

Telemedicine is now an option for our clients at Riverside Animal Hospital. While not appropriate for every situation,  it offers a great alternative for clients that are limiting their exposure outside the home,  are ill, or under self quarantine.  We can provide this service by phone, video chat, text or email.

What is Telemedicine?

“Telemedicine allows health care professionals to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients in remote locations using telecommunications technology.  Telemedicine allows patients in who are unable to seek care to access medical expertise quickly, efficiently and without travel.”

When is Telemedicine Appropriate?

By law, telemedicine is only available to those clients and patients that meet both of the following requirements:

  • The existence of a Veterinarian Client Patient Relationship which, according to the AVMA, exists when your vet knows your pet well enough to be able to diagnose and treat any medical conditions your animal develops.
  • The pet must have had a physical examination within the last year


  AND one or more of the following must be true:


  • The problem is a recurrence of a preexisting condition
  • The problem is a minor concern
  • The condition is not life threatening

When is Telemedicine NOT Appropriate?

  • Telemedicine is not appropriate when a physical exam is necessary for an accurate diagnosis of any medical condition or creation of an appropriate treatment plan. This will be at the discretion of our providers.
  • Sick or injured animals must have a physical exam in order for treatment to be determined
  • Some examples of conditions that are not appropriate for telemedicine: trouble breathing, urinary issues, eye conditions, severe pain, neurological symptoms, uncontrolled bleeding, 

How do I schedule a telemedicine appointment?

Our staff can help determine if telemedicine is an option for you and your pet. Please call us at

(541) 585-3739 to discuss your pet and concerns.





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